EXO Levitating Bed (Bespoke - 2000 Fabrics Available)
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EXO Levitating Bed (Bespoke - 2000 Fabrics Available)

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EXO - Floating Bed

If it’s a magical atmosphere you’re looking to create in the bedroom with uncluttered clean lines using contemporary, futuristic design - then look no further. Unlike other ‘floating’ beds on the market, the EXO really has NO visible legs and protrudes unsupported the full two meters off the wall - a true miracle of engineering and design. Whether you have brick, block or timber frame walls, the EXO can be securely installed onto almost any type of bedroom wall. For those that want to place the bed in the middle of the room, our EXO-X doesn’t need a wall at all.

Atmosphere & Space

To create the perfect ambiance, the bed frame incorporates LED lighting which illuminates under the bed with a choice of 16 million colours all controlled via Bluetooth using an app on your phone or iPad. By raising the bed off the floor it creates a large visible area under the bed dramatically transforms even the smallest of rooms creating an airy, uncluttered and spacious feel.

Super strong

Despite its sleek appearance, the EXO is exceptionally robust, capable of supporting 750kg (1650lbs). The unique custom manufactured ‘super’ steel supports have their own individual serial numbers and come with a 10 year guarantee!


The EXO can be made to fit any size mattress including extra large Caesar, Emperor and bespoke sizes up to 4m (13ft) wide.

Jumping into bed - go high!!

The EXO is available in any height, although we encourage customers to be brave and go outside their comfort zone choosing a higher than average height (50cm high frame or even 60cm) which accentuates the dramatic floating effect and adds to the fun experience of owning an EXO.

100% Recycled Aluminium

Every bed comprises of approximately 40m (130ft) of recycled British aluminium.

The mattress support is made from our unique corrugated designed aluminium slats which offers excellent ventilation to 100% of the mattress. Aluminium’s natural ability to transfer heat away from the source of heat makes it the perfect material to remove excess heat from the mattress throughout the night resulting in a better nights sleep. The Aluminium slats are anodised to allow for ease of regular cleaning or sterilising for those suffering with extreme allergies.


We have installed 100’s of beds in every imaginable scenario and on almost every substrate - Our experienced installers are happy to advise on all aspects of the installation - if you have an idea then please talk to us and we can make your dreams a reality.


We would be delighted to welcome you to our showroom to experience the EXO for yourself and choose your own colour from a wide range of fabrics. create a design based masterpiece that has the capacity to transform your bedroom.

EXO Levitating Bed

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