Hotels FAQ

How long does it take to install the bed?

The entire process takes no longer than 8 hours. We offer the installation service ourselves or a installation video for those that would prefer to do it themselves. There are 2 parts to the installation of the bed; 1 the assembly of the bed frame and slats (approximately 1 hour), 2 fixing the 3 steel supports to the wall (approximately 2 hours). Most of the remaining time would be spent hiding the steel supports from view and decorating around the bed.

How long does it take to supply a bed?

It normally takes 2 weeks to build a bed. During extremely busy periods lead time can extend to 4 - 6 weeks. For orders of 100+ beds lead time of 12 weeks is required.

How environmentally friendly is the bed?

The bed frame and slats are 100% recycled British aluminium. Approximately 40 metres of aluminium extrusion is used for each bed. 

How easy is it to maintain?

The aluminium bed frame is maintenance free however the fabric type and colour choice will determine ease of cleaning. Fabric wrapped around the bed frame can be easily replaced if damaged. It takes approximately 2 hours to dismantle the bed frame and replace any damaged fabric.

Can you replace the bed frame covers?

There are 3 fabric covers per bed which can be easily replaced if damaged. Depending on the fabric a replacement set starts from £150. 

What size beds are available?

We can make the bed to fit any size mattress including emperor and bespoke sizes.

How much weight can the bed take?

The bed sits on 3 super strong steel supports that have been tested to withstand 2000kg (25 people).

What guarantees do the beds have?

Our guarantee covers the three super strong steel supports up to 750kg for 10 years. Each support comes with it's own serial number.

Do I need strong walls?

The secret to the strength is in the cantilever steel supports. This design not only takes the majority of the weight to the floor but also allows you to fix it to almost any wall including timber frame, brick and breeze/concrete block.

What size headboards are available?

All headboards are made in-house allowing us to tailer make size and features to accommodate any room size, including floor-to-ceiling headboards which incorporate plug socket, reading lights and other features into the headboard design. We offer a free design service.

Can we supply fabric?

We have over 2000 fabrics and colours to choose from. If you want to match the bed to existing upholstery or curtaining we are happy for hotels to supply us with the fabric.

Are there height restrictions?

The beds can be made to any height - the most common height is 50cm steel supports with 25cm mattress. (ie 75cm off the floor) However the higher you decide to go the more it accentuates the levitating effect. It's possible to have the bed over a metre in height.

Is there a discount for quantity?

Please contact us for more information on volume discounts.

How easy is it to relocate the bed?

After the bed frame is slid off the 3 super strong steel supports there are only 30 bolts to remove the 3 steels. The removal of the entire bed frame and steel supports will take approximately 30 minutes.