Innovative contemporary floating furniture designed to create atmosphere and space.


Every EXO levitating bed is made using a minimum of 40m (130ft) of extrusion using recycled British aluminium. The equivalent of approximately 3900 drink cans are recycled to make a super-king (USA king) bed.


Choose from our four signature colour fabrics - or explore over 2000 different fabrics from our bespoke range! Choose any fabric of your liking and we will wrap all of your Levitas Products to your unique style.


Glass used in our products is completely impurity-free, giving a clear and clean atmosphere to your living space. All specially crafted to be strong, completely transparent and with no sharp edges.

Atmosphere in space


Levitas - the Latin word for 'levitation' or 'lightness' is the process by which an object is suspended against gravity.

LUSH Rug (1400 x 2000mm) LUSH Rug (1600 x 2300mm) LUSH Rug (2000 x 3000mm)



Take a look at our LUSH Rugs - three different sizes and four warm and luxurious colours.

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